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(EW) How To Find CIA Operatives On A Forum

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(EW) How To Find CIA Operatives On A Forum Empty (EW) How To Find CIA Operatives On A Forum

Message par mcode le Mar 5 Jan 2010 - 19:00

Don Croft
05 Mar 2008 12:09
Subject: How to Find CIA Operatives on a Forum
Over the years we developed a handy protocol for identifying clever CIA and MI6 operatives on English language forums.

It's certainly not failsafe but the simple fact that a forum for orgonite that reliably informs and empowers its readers (instead of confusing and mystifying them) exists at all among English speakers is perhaps a testimonial that the method is practical. The CIA's army of internet brain police have put most of their eggs in the English language basket but are not incapable of creating a mess on every other forum on the web, due to the nearly global aspect of Monarch programming by now. The CIA is the world order's main organ for massive-scale brainwashing, which is why they own and operate the television and movie industries, as well as all of the theological seminaries, universities and school curricula in most of the industrialized countries. MI6 (operative arm of the City of London) spawned the CIA, based on The City's several centuries' experience of parasitic empire-building techniques but the CIA now clearly dominates the field of mass mind and behavior control.

I assume you already understand that the forum owner is solely responsible for these decisions to boot people, no matter where he or she seeks advice, also that since this movement is not organized every forum effort stands on its own merits. I'm not even remotely responsible for what another forum operator does in this vein, though I sometimes agree to ask our psychics, on that owner's behalf, to dowse their memberlist for hiding trolls. My only faux pas on this account was agreeing to supply this subjective information (at least until I figured out that this fellow wasn't being forthcoming about his motives) to a forum owner who turned out to be against us, personally. My bad!

DB helped enormously to keep the fledgling gifting movement from being castrated by operatives in the early years by publishing first hand information about how operatives do their hatchet jobs on forums and that's how we began to identify who was doing this. He came up with the term, 'gifting,' by the way, also with the term, 'MKid,' if I'm not mistaken. His blogsite is linked on the right column of Etheric Warriors' homepage but he's opted to not fight the stinkers of the world odor, directly, so he doesn't post here. Every time the CIA destroys that link to DB, Alejandro (our administrator in Chile) is alerted and repairs the damage.

Naturally, some of the operatives were supremely patient, well-behaved and clever and escaped detection for quite awhile. Every disingenuous person has the ability to say all the right things, which is why so many people engage in confidence scams, generally. I think the CIA considers that criminal class to be the most fertile recruiting ground Wink

One of them, as I mentioned, even started a board several years ago and asked the psychics to 'help him find the moles so he could boot them.' One of the psychics (Dooney) got stung pretty badly in that scam and hastily distanced herself from that board effort after a few months when it became obvious that more and more operatives were contributing to that forum effort instead of less. It took Carol and I another year to see teh situation clearly and, meanwhile, Dooney and STevo held their tongues in consideration of our free will and our good-faith efforts to agree to help this fellow get his forum to a functional level. The roster of saboteurs in that memberlist was impressive, compared to the one or two who tried, repeatedly, to infiltrate the original cloudbuster forum on Yahoo during the year I was allowed to administer it (July, 2001 to May 02).

This forum owner booted all of them that we tentatively suggested were clear liabilities and thanked the psychics, including Carol, for their confidential inputs.

I can tell you that it was awfully nice not to have to contend with this level of backstabbing every day during the first year of our forum activity on Yahoo!

The subsequent (right after the Yahoo effort failed) forum, which was immediately set up in June, 2002, after Yahoo banned me from posting on my own forum had a cadre of trained and skillful saboteurs in place, ready to 'welcome DB and Croft' to that forum and it was quite a game of dodgeball for the following year, as one of each of these operatives got replaced by two more whenever Jackson was compelled to follow our recommendation in order to keep some personal credibility for himself.

The less faithful and discerning people in this network, in those days, were probably convinced that humanity was basically just a conniving and scurrilous species because the $#!+slingers predominated that forum effort and it was the only voice for orgonite in those days, aside from, which had enough disinformants contributing to it that it never actually championed the empowering aspects of simple orgonite.

It might look like Carol, DB and I are under personal assault, by the way, but please consider that the real targets are Dr Reich and simple orgonite (the magic bullet that anyone can shoot, any time and can be certain to hit the Behemoth right in their Naughty Bits). Second to erasing orgonite from human awareness is their deep-seated, longer standing hatred of Dr Wilhelm Reich, who turned materialistic science on its ear.

I think the three of us might be in line after that, somewhere, and the other psychics in the chat sessions, Dooney and Dr Stevo, are targetted more occultly, so to speak, but no less aggressively. I think the CIA understands that it would be bad form to include our solid friends, Dooney and Steve, in their published diatribes because then it would be more apparent to the less discerning scandal hounds (I hope to God that these aren't still the majority of people who read EW's postings) that the movement, itself, is under verbal attack.

Georg Ritschl of, who hosts the German forum, asked the psychics a couple of times to independently look at the memberlist and identify possible operatives. They came up with the same short list, with slight variations, but as he said, he doesn't know the psychics well enough to automatically act on their impressions. That's certainly understandable and the psychics, like the rest of us, insist that their impressions are subjective, not authoritative, after all.

It's consensus among the psychics that I find to be eminently usable battlefield intelligence. I only act on Carol's individual intel in personal matters, since she's my mate, after all. She has always been hesitant to offer evaluations of non-personal matters because she hates to interfere with others' lives and choices, as do Dooney and STevo, by the way.

I never promote psi intel as authoritative truth, of course. The only truths I promote are the simple, empowering ones as they relate to what anyone can do with simple tools and I only advocate those after having done enough field research and experimentation to have convinced myself. That's also how I've approached my profession, by the way, and it works.

Sometimes, after somebody has apparently been making mischief behind my back on, I've asked the psychics if the person is an operative. If they seemed to get a clear image I usually kicked that one off the EW memberlist. Sometimes I have a reasonable doubt or there are other considerations, so I don't act on it, right away. I've never known them to be wrong, though. Once in a great while someone makes mischief who isn't an operative, in which case I give the person a friendly warning before the boot. I rarely feel compelled to do that. I think it's been a couple of years since I booted an obvious operative. The reason this rarely happens on my board is becuase I take pains to only invite people who are self-starters and have demonstrated excellence in the gifting field. There's absolutely no place for sycophants or conformists, here, as you probably noticed.

As I hope I've demonstrated, Kelly and Manfred are NOT operatives; they're good-hearted souls who were cleverly and inappropriately promoted by operatives in order to damage the network's credibility and I think we've managed to turn the tables on that agenda. Directing attention away from these friends and toward the CIA has been productive, at least. Kelly and Cesco resigned simply becuase they don't feel that what they're doing is appropriately represented by this openly war-oriented forum effort. I've been campaigning to persuade these guys and others to start their own forums, which I'll support and promote if they wish. Dooney, STevo, Carol and I will visit Kelly and Cesco in a week and a half and will also meet with Ryan McGinty again, too. It's always fun to get together this way and Cesco says he and Kelly have got some brand new stuff to show us.

When the psychics look at a suspect they either find him/her 'hiding' or plainly revealed. When they see someone clearly, that person apparently has no hidden motives. Once in awhile the hiding is simply psychic self defense, in which case the psychics won't say he or she is dirty. Usually, they see an operative as wearing sunglasses or hiding in a box. That's usually a more definitive sign. Now that the CIA has developed better and better protocols for slipping their operatives past the psychics it's gotten more difficult to spot them. Thankfully, our readers are getting good enough at discernment that they, themselves, can often detect the distinctive odor of subterfuge as quickly as the rest of us can. It's becoming axiomatic that anyone who slanders someone else, unprovoked and openly, is more likely to be seen as a saboteur than a wounded victim. That's an incredibly wonderful development because it demonstrates that humanity is generally becoming more accountable/discerning.

Sometimes the operative looks perfectly okay, which has only happened a few times. In most cases, this is apparently because he/she is either very deeply programmed and can be triggered, later on, as apparently happened with one of the previous forum hosts, or the person in question is simply a front/facade for a group of Langley Eunuchs and is technically not culpable. As I said, over the years these freaks have had to adopt ever-new strategies to get past the psychics. One of the board owners has had twenty-plus years of psychic training and was still, the last time we saw him/her, active in that program.

Because of thousands of years of mental conditioning aimed at 'dumbing down' regular folks into not directly recognizing or opposing parasitic tyranny it's been politically incorrect to even dispassionately discuss subterfuge. The 'non-conspiracy theorists' held the day until today Cool

That said, we've been navigating a pretty daunting minefield just to make it possible for substantive people to contribute to a public forum without having to worry about being blindsided by hidden operatives and their Greek chorus. It's a hell of an accomplishment and I think our readers are mostly independent thinkers and activists, not 'Croftifarians.' Some of them apparently don't even think about us, much (too busy discovering reality on their own, as we are), and some of them post opinions that are diametrically opposed to mine. I encourage them to do that, I hope you've noticed, and I sometimes enjoy debating them because they're not back stabbers.

Each of these psychics in the EW and informal, international chat groups would rather cut his/her own throat than broadcast their privately-requested personal assessments, by the way. They only give them to people whom they trust and it's always done in confidence and with the urgent caveat that it's only their subjective impression. Carol's only one of these psychics, of course. It's the arrogant psychics who can be compelled to trip over their own egos, not these guys and gals, most of whom have had no formal psychic training, by the way. Most of the arrogant ones work for the CIA and are programmed by trauma-induced Monarch protocols, so they vacillate between being arrogant and being sycophants. It's another schizoid manifestation of the old corporate slave paradigm. I'm sure you've seen that in play.

We all got burned, two and three years ago, by a former friend and associate who insisted that we help him find the many moles on his open-membership board so that he could boot them. A few of those had even gotten my confidence but were pretty quickly booted after they started stinking up EW, too. Fortunately, perhaps, their archived Etheric Warriors posts will probably never be easily available. I didn't censor most of it. I only ever censor posts that have personal slander in them or raw doomsaying and the entire content of Etheric Warriors was destroyed by CIA hackers two or three times during it's fairly short life. Before long, it might be necessary for the CIA to destroy an illegitimate forum or two in order to keep the rest of their credibility from draining away Cool

It may be partly because of DB's initial success at saving an earlier internet forum,, from extinction during the second crucial year of this movement (June, 2002-August 03) that the CIA operatives hate him so vehemently and have tried repeatedly to erase his legacy and assassinate his reputation in the years since 2003.

Stuart Jackson, the owner of forum, was apparently obliged to act on DB's identification of the primary agents so that the substantive contributors to that forum could have a voice. When the 'primaries' were operating freely together, they drowned out the substantive posts by triggering a number of apparent Monarch-programmed assets, whom I began to refer to as 'The Peanut Gallery' and 'The Greek Chorus.' You can easily see this dynamic prevailing on every single forum in English that deals with potentially empowering information. By now, the 'primaries' have become clever enough to control the Greek Chorus' via private messaging, of course, because apparently DB did his job a little too well, so readers are now more easily able to identify the main poisonmongers.

Six months after I was pretty much forced to abandon (the organized cacaphony against Carol and I had finally overwhelmed my ability to post substantive reports, there) Stuart agreed to host a website for DB: . It was, bar none, the finest orgonite website on the internet and DB was still hopeful that he could 'help Stuart turn that board around.' A few months later, STuart pulled the plug, completely destroyed and DB was also forced out of his home. It was a pretty bizarre period. You probably remember it if you were around in those days. I'm telling you about it because sabotage always has certain elements in it, no matter what methods are being used.

And, yes, most of the Greek Chorus' are potheads. It's quite easy for the CIA to control pot smokers' behavior and thinking, which is why they promoted it so heavily, worldwide, in the 1960s and ever since then, so that by 1990 there was a pothead who was appointed (via the Old Slut, Pamela Harriman) to be the alleged President of the US. Coupled with the trauma-based programming of countless millions of children from the early 1950s onward the CIA has been capable of fielding a vast army of sociopaths who are intent on destroying every public discussion. They don't know what they're doing or why they're doing it, other than that it earns them squirts of endorphins and has the vague image of a 'revolution.' The Woodstock Nation is a nation of corporate slaves, in other words, and all the subgroups are, too. YOu're not likely going to see this pattern if you're a pothead. If you smoke pot but are somehow able to see this old dynamic, you'll likely put that goofy stuff down and start thinking on your own.

For what it's worth, the present regime is apparently more inclined to cocaine than to pot. A good friend of my brother's went to college with Laura Bush in Texas in the 1960s and said that she had snorted a small mountain of coke when he knew her. Daddy Bush has been a mover and shaker in the cocaine and heroin cartels, practically since boyhood, having inherited that role from two centuries of family involvement, starting with the British East India Company. What dopes, eh?

I wish more people had access to Marge White's and Chaim Chaitkin's revealing, very well documented books about how the present world regime operates and how they came to their parasitic position of influence. Their books were published by an alleged 'Anti-Semite,' LaRouche, who was railroaded into the biggest Gulag Archipelago on the planet (The US prison system) and his publishing house was closed. I wonder if the CIA, MI6 and KGB burned all the FRanklin Press books they could find, since it seems to be impossible to locate most of them. Back when they railroaded the fellow into the Gulag for being an 'anti-Semite,' nobody much seemed to notice that most of the people LaRouche was associated with were Jews, by the way Cool but I don't think the world odor could pull that off, now, and he even got pardoned, later.

I think you can still get THE HITLER BOOK, which was compiled by Helga Zepp LaRouche, a reputable German research journalist. If you'll read that one, you'll see that the SS is alive and well. This might help you understand why the Homeland Security Department uses the old SS eagle as it's logo. Also, the Harriman family's support of Hitler helps us see why Pamela Harriman was a key player in teh process of picking US Presidents.

Just understanding that communism and fascism is the same thing can help anyone get clear of teh What To Think Network brain police, whose demonstrated enemy is individual initiative and independent thought. What better demonstrates these qualities than gifting and predator-boosting? There are now lots of ways to arrive at empowering realizations, of course. If you're my age and were interested in examining reality your entire life you remember that it was nearly impossible for find empowering information before the internet became popular. It was even harder to find anyone to discusss it with.

Watch the CIA turn up the heat as gifting gradually attracts more attention. Watch for more local 'lightning rod' newspaper articles and TV interviews, for instance, and take the time to analyze how they compose these pieces, okay? A lightning rod is something the CIA uses to gauge public perception and emotion about a specific subject. That's why they own THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, for instance. I hope the first national coverage of the subject of Reich and orgonite won't happen there, by the way. Wink

I think that when you start to see Tom Brokaw telling us what a rotten, filthy rat bastard Don Croft, Carol Croft and DB are, then we'll have finally made the grade Cool and the world odor will probably disappear not long after that. I'm an optimist but sometimes my hunches actually pan out.

I heard about a guy in Phoenix who died of asfixiation in a rooming house right after he cooked and ate a pot of beans on a hotplate in his room. He died in his sleep because he forgot to open the window. It would be fun to write his epitaph. The more that our detractors slander us, perhaps the faster the world odor will also die of asfixiation.

The less courageous (read: intellectually lazy) gifters who post on illegitmate forums in order to have a sense of 'community' are easily swayed by clever slander into believing that Carol, DB and I are heartless rats. Fortunately, each of us three have contributed enough to the 'empowering information pool,' and have otherwise given enough of ourselves away that those accusations are more or less bouncing off our hides. I see that most of the public backbiting assaults are coming from people whom the three of us have helped extensively and even materially in the past but that's to be expected from people who prefer transient popularity and the faux security of a herd (conformity to the brain police protocols) to personal accountability, of course. No surprises, there.

Under the circumstances, anyone who attempts to savage our characters is just digging a deeper hole for him/herself but in earlier years there just weren't enough discerning, independent thinkers to grow this network easily and this might have been a serious obstacle, then.

An example of how tentative the stability of the gifting movement was in the earlier years can be seen in how my sister and her hubby nearly destroyed the network by convincing a lot of people to stop using orgonite and to only use 'Sally Water' instead. It cost Carol and I ten thousand bucks to get people's attention back to the raw, genuine power of simple orgonite after that, by clearing the atmosphere in and immediately around Atlanta, which was the 'DOR $E#!+hole Capital of the Eastern Seaboard' in those days. A few of us have made a lot of personal sacrifices like that for the sake of keeping simple orgonite in plain view. The only following any of us have earned is box surveillance by a number of $#!++y spy agencies and occasional assassination attempts. DB gotten the absolute worst of it all, in case you didn't know, but has withstood it with equanimity on a level that I'm quite sure I couldn't match under the circumstances.

I'm waiting for some feedback from Kass DeBellefuille and Alexandre Emard about how they're effectively handling subterfuge on their French forum and it looks quite hopeful. Georg has apparently opted for a new, invitation-only forum which will operate along different lines from Etheric Warriors, which I think is encouraging. There's a clear need for a lot of branches on this new tree, after all, and it apparently only takes a few people, including requisite psychics for consensus, to keep the top freaks of the world order off balance enough to stop them from initiating a nuclear holocaust. Continuing to gift their underground cities will ensure that they'd have no place to 'sit out' the subsequent nuclear winter, too.

An unorganized movement is easily capable of operating on many fronts, after all, and the most delicious aspect of this is that even the illegitimate forums, each populated mostly by a programmed Greek Chorus, include a few people who actually gift. They have to do that in order to keep at least a shred of credibility to the less discerning visitors. I think that in days to come anyone who attacks us openly on those forums will only be providing free advertising, only on a less expansive demographic than if we were openly assaulted on the What To Think Network. I think that the CIA is so off-balance and desperate, by now in light of humanity's accelerating awareness/accountability, that they're going to sponsor less-than-subtle campaigns against Dr Reich and orgonite on their most cherished media: daytime television. Yep, they still see Reich as the source of all this 'trouble.' Cool

Watch them claim that orgonite is terrorists' bomb material, heheh.

The CIA has all its money on the bet that they can remain hidden from view and can make Dr Reich look like a reprobate and goofball and can make the three of us look like paranoids and tyrants. Let's see how well they can hide after this Cool.

I don't go after the biological instruments whom the CIA and similar sewer rat agencies use to assault our reputations: I go after the Eunuchs of Langley, themselves. Wouldn't any rational person respond this way to slander and inuendo?'

Endorphin junkies insist that I'm being negative whenever I discuss subterfuge tactics and the general seven-year history of subterfuge in this unorganized movement but, of course, they're not hosting any forums, please note. I know, beyond doubt, that if I don't 'answer back,' when calumy is thrown at a few of us, their poison will take effect among our readers and the gifting movement will die a slow, uneventful death, as the CIA and their puppetmasters wish.

Calumny: false and malicious accusation

As an optimist, I'm banking on the possibility that the endorphin junkies and scandal hounds no longer represent the majority of gifters.



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