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Frederike and Georg need our Help !

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Frederike and Georg need our Help ! Empty Frederike and Georg need our Help !

Message par gabritos le Mer 4 Juil 2012 - 18:07

I just copy the mail I receave from my frends Frederike and Georg Ritschel
We need Your help!

Orgonise Africa is a true miracle!

And this miracle has been made possible by your very selves!
Without your help none of this would have happened.

Since 2002 you have supported us with your purchases and some of you also with direct contributions to our expeditions.
This has allowed us to make orgone gifting and the production of orgonite and zappers our only occupation.

This is miraculous and we are deeply grateful for this opportunity.

Many of you who have maybe just recently found our website and not followed our development over the years, may not have a clear idea who we are and how we live.

We are NOT A BIG COMPANY! It's still just Friederike and myself and meanwhile 5 helpers who run this little business.

Have we gotten rich in the process?

No, but we can also not complain.
Doing this work that we love has allowed us to live in reasonable comfort and see our 2 daughters through school. But we have never managed to put anything aside for the famous "rainy day".

So whenever some unexpected expenses or demands hit us we run into trouble. The true miracle is rather how stable and dependable we have been over 10 years despite this always vulnerable position. Truly, the universe is protecting us.

An unhappy coincidence between some large unplanned expenses and a few weeks of under average orders has but the squeeze on us.
We need your help in order to generate some extra cash very quickly.

No alms asked for, just that you make up your mind about this big orgonite or zapper order that you've been contemplating for a while and do it now.

This is the kind of massive order we are looking for, but yo are of course free to place any, even the smallest order and enjoy the full discount.

As appreciation for your rapid support, we'll make it a lot cheaper if you act fast.

30% if you order today, Wednesday 4th of July
25% if you order on Thursday
20% if you order on Friday or the weekend.

It ends Sunday midnight.

The switch between one percentage and te next will be done aproximately 9am South African Time (GMT+2) in the morning every day.

the 20% on basic orgonite (HHGs, TBs and CBs) is still in place on top of that.

Help us so we can help you so we can all help make this planet a nicer and more alive place!

See you at Orgonise Africa
Georg Ritschl

I've already send my order.

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