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(EW) Christine Oginye in Sudan Struggling to Stay Alive

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(EW) Christine Oginye in Sudan Struggling to Stay Alive Empty (EW) Christine Oginye in Sudan Struggling to Stay Alive

Message par mcode le Mar 5 Jan 2010 - 18:49

In the past month several of us have discussed ways to help the surviving gifters in East Africa regain the initiative after the deaths of three of them, last year.

I'm going to send monthly family allowances to Atieno Odondi in Kisumu, Kenya, and Christine Oginye in Southern Sudan and individuals will be providing money to them for specific gifting campaigns.

David Ochieng and his wife, Emmah, were killed last year and Mrs Odondi has taken in their two young orphans. Christine's husband, Salva, was also killed and she had to quit her teaching job to farm in order to support her two sons.

The drought has been re-established in that region and in Uganda so we're pretty certain that all of this is part of a campaign to prevent and discourage people in that part of Africa to make and distribute orgonite.

We're going to have a special chat session to go after teh NSA predators who are trying to kill some of our psychics, now that we're getting fresh intel about how that satanic bureaucracy is doing it. I"m going to ask the psychics, then, to see whether we can heal Christine and go after her assailants.

It's obvious enough that the NSA, Jesuits and other corporate freakshows know that this unorganized global movement would be in bad shape if our psychics are not operating. We're going to have to restore our affected psychics before we can regain the initiative, I think. This is the worst that things have been in the ten years since this effort began.

Please send Christine some nice orgone jolts from your heart when you think of her, okay? This makes a huge, positive difference. Mrs Odondi will start posting illustrated reports soon and she'll be travelling to Southern Sudan to visit Christine, shortly



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